About us

Our mission


The field of international cooperation is complex, multi-layered and constantly in development. The GOPA Consulting Group meets this diversity by continuously adapting its operations to key service lines that reflect the needs and interests of modern societies.

With a proven track record of implementing technical assistance projects for over 50 years, we are your proven performance partner for sustainable solutions that cover the entire project life cycle and address all SDGs.


Our values



The GOPA Group employs about 800 staff, along with 5000 international and local experts. The GOPA team is very diverse and incorporates people of different genders, nationalities, cultures, ages, sexual orientations, religions and ideologies. This diversity within our common corporate culture is one of our greatest strengths and helps us to prosper and grow. Our goal is to create a climate of respectful cooperation and an intercultural value system within which all our employees have the freedom to develop and achieve their potential. We are also committed to equal opportunity and are striving to employ more women and promote women to management level on all continents where we operate.

We apply a governance model of decentralised decision making: respecting the assets and outstanding reputations of each member company an we integrate private sector values in social & economic development: a competitive, cost-effective & best-value basis optimises the delivery of results.


Setting sail for a better tomorrow


The visual identity of the GOPA Consulting Group reflects our holistic yet flexible approach to the constantly changing needs and policies in the realm of international development. This starts with the Sail logo on the top left of this page. The wind that fills it embodies our companies´ capacities to drive progress, whereas the sail itself represents the Group´s role to set the course and navigate those strengths towards a shared horizon.

Additionally, the core values within our slogan ´Your performance partner for a better tomorrow´ have been embedded within out visual communication. Our capacity to achieve and deliver excellence in our programming for our clients and the beneficiaries of the projects is represented by the big letter 'A', which conveys strength and stability.  

The Group´s fundamental principle that, in all our efforts, we are working to change the lives of human beings for the better, is visualised in the paintings and drawings on our communication material. They represent human stories and our drive to achieve sustainable change that turns stories into reality.