Work with us

Looking for opportunities to grow and develop in your career? 

You will find them at GOPA Consulting Group. Our activities are directed from our headquarters in Bad Homburg, Bonn and Brussels.

GOPA Consulting Group offers new perspectives and chances to work and gain working experience in more than one company and area of expertise. We profit from working on cross-cutting themes and global approaches to project solutions. Since 2015, we also offer a trainee programme. As employee in one of our companies, you’ll be able to maintain and develop your skills, learn and adapt to change, and develop your career at every level with our support.

At GOPA Consulting Group you have the opportunity to take part in global and collaborative work experiences across geographical and business lines, team up with talented thought leaders on projects around the world, and face challenges with teams outside of office boundaries. 


What we offer

Your career development process starts with an extensive onboarding programme that includes information about our company systems and processes, as well as training on values, ethics, health, safety, security, and the environment. Our annual career development and performance review process helps you set clearly defined goals and objectives. Through assessments and reviews, and with assistance from supervisors, you can measure achievements, fine-tune individual contributions, identify career development and training opportunities, and establish strategic performance objectives.

We’ve created a talent management programme that helps you grow and achieve success through a blended learning environment made up of both formal and informal methods. These methods include internal training courses; eLearning; attendance at conferences, seminars, and events; professional memberships; coaching and mentoring programs; and on-the-job learning.

Our coaching and mentoring opportunities provide you with guidance and support to reach your full potential. It’s a two-way relationship with both partners gaining significant benefits, both personally and professionally.

Would you like to work for us? If you are interested, then have a look at our Job database, where you can find vacant positions at our headquarters and abroad.