Green and Sustainable Energy for All

To the benefit of us all, awareness is growing about both the benefits and the urgency of immediate action for long-term impact among all layers of society. Homes are being installed with solar panels that are subsidised by the government, green transport initiatives are being implemented in favour of less polluting options and, albeit with ups and downs, international treaties are signed on reducing emissions and promoting renewable energy sources. In developing countries, the need to implement sustainable energy usage coincides with more fundamental issues relating to energy – such as whether people are connected to the grid at all. Continue reading to discover how our energy professionals tackle these complex issues under challenging circumstances.

Empowering Economies

In developed countries, it takes a power outage for people to see how difficult it is to function in a modern society without energy. Without the energy to power lights, computers, factories and so on, one can imagine the difficulties of communities in remote places to develop themselves, let alone to match the pace of the modern technologies of other countries. Globally, up to 1.3 billion people do not have access to electricity and 3 billion people use environmentally taxing forms of biomass as power sources. Guided by SDG 7, it is our ambition to contribute to stimulate their development by providing affordable, reliable and sustainable energy for all.      





Power Systems

There is a lot of careful preparation, planning, design and hardware implementation that has to be done for a lamp to turn on at the flick of a button. We are proud to be able to take care of the entire trajectory; from energy generation to delivering it to people's doorsteps without fail. Based on expertly designed energy networks, we guide electricity from conventional powerplants to power destribution systems, through high and extra high voltage grids with advanced control systems, to consumers. We make sure that lamp turns on, every time.      



Renewable Energy

With heat records being shattered every year, global warming is quickly moving from being a buzz word used by politicians, to having tangible repercussions that touch the lives of the entire global population. As we are united in suffering their consequences, so should we be united in finding solutions to mitigate these effects. A key step in this direction involves opting for renewable sources. Besides the more well-known generation of wind and solar power, our energy consultants are also experts at harnessing hydro power, transforming biomass and waste to energy, and sustainable energy storage. 



Sustainable Energy

With energy touching upon so many different aspects of our lives- employment, transport, domestic uses, to name a few - it is paramount that plans and strategies are drawn up at the national and regional level to regulate the use of the resources that are available to us. From our headquarters in Bad Homburg, Germany, to nearly all regions of the world, our energy experts support sustainable energy ventures by conducting in-depth economic analyses, finance and asset management, energy and environmental auditing and energy planning and development. 




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