Latin America & Caribbean

Over the last decade, the Latin American and Caribbean region has made impressive progress in reducing poverty. This has largely been achieved by boosting growth, labour income and effective social protection networks. The middle class expanded and, as a result, the socio-economic composition of the region has been transformed. However, the region is currently facing economic stagnation and a rise of inequality.


The Latin American growth model, based on the export of raw materials, is reaching its limits. The exploitation of natural resources (mining, agriculture, forestry and fishing) leads to high social and ecological costs and creates conflicts among the local population. In addition, the subcontinent continues to suffer from impactful social differences. Regardless of the successes in reducing poverty, almost 30% of the population is considered poor and a large


amount is excluded from development processes, especially the indigenous population. This situation serves as a breeding ground for violence and crime, causing Latin America and the Caribbean to be one of the most violent regions in the world. Guided by the strong historical, cultural and economic ties that exist between Latin America, the Caribbean and Europe, GOPA Consulting Group has incorporated the region in its development programming for fifty years. 

Our ambition is to assist these regions with responding to current and future challenges arising from the factors described above. Examples include the fight against climate change and the protection of natural resources; good governance and the reduction of violence; sustainable development based on a social and ecological market economy; education; and employment promotion.


Our work in Latin America & the Caribbean 

At the start of 2018, the GOPA Consulting Group was implementing twenty-eight projects in Latin America and the Caribbean for a total value of 65.3 million euros, covering multiple sectors and working for several clients.


Based on our expertise on the wide range of topics that we cover in the Group, as well as our established network of contacts, we consider ourselves a strong ally of the region.

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