Health, Education and Employment


Complementary Service Fields

The service line Health, Education and Employment exposes how the different fields of the SDGs are all interrelated and require an approach that is both specific and diverse in one. For example: not receiving a decent education lowers a person’s chances to get a job. This, in turn, can lead to him or her being unable to buy food or medicine, which negatively affects one’s health.

In the same vein, poor health can make it hard or impossible for an individual to access health and education systems. Modern development cooperation recognises that a holistic approach is needed, which brings together experts from different fields to work on integrated solutions.


Accessible Health Care Worldwide 

Although science makes great strides with developing new health technologies and medicines, these sadly still don't reach a vast amount of people across the globe, if they have access to (affordable) health care at all. Having implemented more than 400 projects in nearly 75 countries, our dedicated health consultants have developed a firm understanding of how structural improvements can be made to health systems in even the most challenging environments.

Sometimes this could mean supporting capacity development of primary health care providers, other times working with governments on restructuring health policies. egardless of where we are implementing our projects, or for whom, our unrelenting drive is to ensure that health care of the highest quality is accessible to all who need it.




Our Inspiration for Education and Employment

Ensuring that citizens are able to attain high-quality education and employment is not only vital to their personal wellbeing and upkeep, but also to that of the societies they are a part of. These sectors also stimulate, for example, a country’s intellectual capital and economic growth. One of the great joys of working in the education and labour sectors is the passion of the professionals that work in them.

Whether GOPA aids with the development of new curricula and materials, skill and capacity building at education institutions, or the design of active labour marker measures and employment strategies, the dedication of our counterparts has continued to be our inspiration for over fifty years.



Your Performance Partner

With 60 professionals in the social consulting field,  GOPA Worldwide Consultants are currently working on 34 projects around the globe that bring together approximately 400 experts for their implementation. Although speaking is an essential part of the work of a consultant, we believe that our ability to achieve excellence in our performance for our clients speaks loudest of all.

The service records of both companies within the GOPA Consulting Group speaks volumes about the passion that our consultants have for their fields and the expertise that they bring to the table.



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