Economic Growth and Communication

Boosting Developing Economies... 

In a world that is constantly in motion and where people, business and goods move fast, and are expected to move even faster, it is of paramount importance that the mechanisms that allow them do so are bulletproof. Although the economic development of states relies on a multitude of factors, they are all supported by a backbone of economic policies at the national, regional and sectoral levels of government. Within a solid, enabling environment, well-trained professionals can develop the full potential of both the institutions they work for, as well as the societies they cater to. At the GOPA Consulting Group, our finance experts are fully committed to handing them the right tools for every job. Supporting Sound Finance

Through decades of experience with implementing or otherwise supporting economic development projects, our financial sector development experts have grown adept at building sound financial support networks for all layers of society. Whether we are designing refinancing schemes for microfinance loans in local economic development projects, or supporting national governments with their budgetary planning, our clients can rely on our capacity and dedication to support financial instutions, so that they can optimise the quality of and access to their financial services.  



Statistics and Monitoring & Evaluation

One of our key strengths is that we are able to support programmes with cross-cutting in-house expertise devoted to the fields of communication, statistics, and monitoring and evaluation. Not only do these dedicated expert teams  feed the knowledge-base of our programmes, they also develop concrete tools for their implementation. Here, our clients can truly benefit from the strength of GOPA Consulting Group: high-quality performance services integrated by one partner. These tools allow for smarter decision-making and can guide change management and institutional or governmental reforms. Most importantly, they allow for programmes that are designed smarter and more efficiently, leading to more effective results for their final beneficiaries: citizens.

Because all great stories...

Have you ever felt really passionate about a topic that you had to present to a group of people, but struggled to formulate it within a clear structure, find appropriate communication materials, and convey its key message? Now imagine that same problem, but scale it up a notch and apply it to, for example, a new European policy that has to be communicated to all EU citizens. How and where would you start? Very often, the larger the group that you are trying to reach becomes, the clearer your message has to be. Of course, it helps when you have entire visual design and editorial departments at your disposal that help to express your thoughts comprehensively, attractively, and effectively.        

...deserve to be told the right way 

Today, connecting citizens through new forms of communication is crucial to building social and political communities and to bring change. No matter how old they are. No matter how young. When people choose to join a cause, support a policy, or buy a product, most of them seek more than just self-interest. At GOPA Group, we believe that bringing change means understanding people before addressing them. From the organisation and management of events, to the design and implementation of media campaigns, our communications company in Brussels makes sure that your message is not only heard, but also understood.  



Clear Communication for Economic Development 

In the modern world, more and more of our information consumption happens online. Not only do we increasingly use digital tools to handle our social and financial services, these technologies also allow people to play an active role in shaping (political) debates on a national and global level. The public has discovered the strength of its voice, as online platforms allow people to share their opinions, promote new ideas, voice concerns, or rally behind a common cause. Both the public and private institutions are aware of the strength of the public voice and the necessity of involving stakeholders at an early stage to realise public investments. A sector where clear communication is particularly pertinent is the financial sector in international development cooperation, please continue reading to find out more about our integrated approach. 



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