EU-China Cooperation on Environment and Green Economy

GOPA Worldwide Consultants promote, on both sides, the development of innovative approaches
January 24, 2019

Environmental protection and green development are now priorities of the Chinese government and China can benefit greatly from policies, measures and technologies in the EU and other parts of the world. In the coming years, China will be experimenting with new policy approaches, technologies and other solutions that will have implications outside China. 

Tackling air pollution, further environmental management reforms and ecological protection - the  main challenges are the implementation of environmental laws and standards at provincial and local levels.

GOPA Worldwide Consultants is providing technical assistance to the Ministry of Environmental Planning (MEP) in order to reinforce EU-China cooperation on the environment. This supports the European Partnership Dialogue (EPD), helping to achieve higher environmental protection standards, more convergence between the EU and China on environmental governance, and greater integration of the environment into other areas of government decision making.  It will also boost new opportunities for the build-up of green technologies, solutions and development, and generally allow domestic and international environmental goals and commitments to be met more easily.