Wolfgang Schmitt

Please contact Wolfgang Schmitt +49 151 1257 1687

“The Compliance and Integrity Officer has been mandated by GOPA’s Supervisory Board to review and monitor the application and compliance of the GOPA Group’s Code of Ethics, Practical Guide to the Code of Ethics and the Code of Conduct for Business Partners. He/she acts independently and autonomously.

The Compliance and Integrity Officer makes sure, that no sanction of any kind can be applied against any employee or business partner who has, in good faith and selflessly, used a procedure to report ethical incidents (whistleblower protection). The Compliance and Integrity Officer makes sure that in cases of gender based misconduct claimants have access to a compliance counsel of his/her preferred gender.

Any information provided will be handled with strict confidentiality.” (from: Practical Guide to GOPA Group’s Code of Ethics)

Wolfgang Schmitt
Compliance and Integrity Officer