Connecting Power(s) in Kenya and Tanzania

In a nutshell

In this ambitious development project, Tanzania and Kenya have joined forces to construct a 400 kV interconnection line between the respective north and south of the two countries. The line will have a total length of approximately 510 kilometres and involve teams working on both sides of the border.

GOPA INTEC has been contracted to oversee the construction of the Tanzanian section of the interconnection line, which covers roughly 450 of the 510 kilometres, including multiple substations and domestic connections.

Our approach

The first two sections of the build will connect the town Singida with Arusha, from where the build will continue north towards the border with Kenya. The line will do far more than bring power to both countries’ industries: with new substations being built along the route and approximately 80 kilometres low voltage lines in the works, which include customer connections, the interconnection line is bound to supply citizens along its course with power for many years to come. 

Stimulating co-creation

Throughout this process, it is important that local staff is with us every step of the way. It is not only our ambition that they will be able to maintain the connection line that is being developed for this project, but also that they will be better equipped to tackle projects independently in the future.  

For that reason, staff of the Tanzania Electric Supply Company (TANESCO) will receive on-the-job training geared towards developing practical skills related to, such as design approval, construction supervision and project management. On top of that, local senior engineers will be flown out to receive additional training on directly applicable tools such as system planning and network analysis; power grid operation and maintenance; and the implementation of environmental social management plans.