Entering the EU: a Numbers Game

In a nutshell

In the modern world, statistics and data streams are playing an increasingly big role in governing the way companies, organisations and countries are run. Where managing these statistics is already a monumental task within states themselves, streamlining national statistics under one framework that can be applied to multiple states requires constant effort, innovation, and attention to changing legislature. 

In the EU, all member states are governed by a body of common rights and obligations, which is called the acquis. All countries aspiring to become a member of the EU are obligated to align their methodologies and practices with the statistical acquis and to integrate them into the European Statistical System.  

For seven states aspiring to become a member of the EU, GOPA Consultants is assisting the respective statistical authorities with this process.

Our Approach

As one can imagine, assisting with the upgrade and strengthening of the statistical systems of seven countries is no easy feat. With the support of the national statistics bureaus of three members of the EU (Croatia, the Netherlands and Slovenia), GOPA Consultants strives to improve the availability, quality, comparability and timeliness of statistical data. These statistics touch upon key national and international figures of which transport; crime and criminal justice; waste; energy; and agriculture are only a part of the puzzle.

There is a dual purpose to this approach, namely that strengthening these statistical systems will boost the (aspiring) EU partner countries while, simultaneously, European policies that will allow for EU membership in the future can be implemented.    

Economic Growth and Communication