Financing Biodiversity in Uganda

In a nutshell

When looking at the demographic spread in Uganda, it is striking that 85% of the country's inhabitants live in rural areas. With a rapidly growing population, it is imperative that the country’s agriculture sector develops as well, in order to keep its citizens well-fed. Despite the great improvements that have been made towards decreasing national monetary poverty, there is still much ground to be won in terms of the sustainable exploitation of Uganda's natural resources.

Agriculture & Finance Consultants (AFC) is helping to bridge this gap by overseeing the implementation of the Biodiversity Investment Component of the larger Agrifinance Enhancement Programme. 

Our approach

The investment component covered by this development programme supports up to 12 end-beneficiaries by extending loans in the fields of fisheries and aquaculture; organic agriculture; forests and protected areas; and sustainable tourism. 

AFC is involved in the full spectrum of activities related to this monetary injection, which takes into account the wider connotations of investing in biodiversity. What this means is that, besides developing guidelines, operational procedures and credit lines for biodiversity-friendly investments, the AFC will also facilitate the technical and financial implementation of project activities. This provides fertile ground for these investments to take root. In order for more people to become aware of the value and sustainability of biodiverse projects and investments, these activities will be supplemented with public awareness campaigns.

Agriculture, Food and Natural Resources