Helping Iraqi IDPs Return Home

In a nutshell

After years of being ravaged by armed conflict, Iraq is now gradually able to work on its recovery and the wellbeing of its people. One of the top priorities for the Iraqi government is to rebuild the territories liberated from terrorist activities. As part of long-term stabilisation objectives, much thought is given to both the restoration of public (basic) service delivery, as well as the re-establishment of state presence and state-society relations in areas previously under terrorist control.  

GOPA Infra is proud to be able to contribute to the overarching goal of this recovery trajectory:  the permanent return of internally displaced persons (IDPs) to their homes in Iraq.

Our approach    

Combining strengths with three partners, including energy-focused sister company GOPA Intec, GOPA Infra is involved as a managing and monitoring entity in this five-year project. The (current) first phase of the programme focuses on the development of roads and bridges; energy supply; and water and sanitation facilities.

Because there are so many elements that have to be developed both independently as well as in synergy with each other, the key assignment during the first phase of this project is to ensure that a solid foundation is established in terms of administration and management for future phases to build on.

Success stories

Together with the consortium partners and the Iraqi government, we are in this for the long run. Many tangible results from this project will increasingly become visible towards the end of its implementation and take full effect in the phases after. This is made possible by the work that we will do together done during these five years. Concrete outputs include the development of standard documents and communication protocols; guidance to and capacity-building at implementing ministries; and the management of social and environmental safeguards.


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