Promoting effective stewardship in the Yemeni Health Sector

In a nutshell

Suffering one hardship after another, Yemen is experiencing difficulty with establishing a well-functioning health system. Partially due to the results of constant violent conflict, decentralisation has not been fully realised; the health workforce is wanting in quantity and quality; and the country’s health information system is unreliable. As a result, health financing is unable to provide safety nets for the population in need.

In support of the Yemeni Ministry of Public Health and Population, GOPA Consulting Group’s daughter company EPOS is working hard to establish a new internal governing mechanism that will give a new impulse to Yemen’s health sector.

Our Approach

In this technical assistance project, EPOS has deployed a team of experts, who are posted at key functional units of the Ministry in stewardship positions. They will facilitate capacity development tailored to the individual, organisation and system levels. This approach not only intends to make government officials more effective managers, it also aims to boost their feeling of ownership of the national healthcare system.

By building on the gains of previous projects, EPOS intends to continue the momentum already present in the fields of governance and leadership; service provision; and information generation.     

Success stories  

With projects like these, it is always important to think about a future beyond their running time at an early stage. Leaving practical handholds for ministry officials and development partners to work with is instrumental for progress to continue in years to come. Therefore, EPOS also assists with improving Yemen’s health management information system, a system for conducting public expenditure tracking surveys, and the implementation of a framework for monitoring and evaluation.

Through our combination of strengths, we hope to develop the Ministry’s capacity to deliver high-quality healthcare to its citizens. 

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