Supporting 'Electricity to All' in Bangladesh

In a nutshell

Ever since its manifesto was released in 2014, delivering uninterrupted power to all households in Bangladesh has been a top priority for the Awami League government of Bangladesh. In 2017, these efforts were increased with vigour, with Prime Minister Sheikh Hasina declaring that strengthening the electricity sector is paramount for the overall development of the country. This is enshrined in the slogan “Electricity to All by 2021”.

Since in March 2018, GOPA INTEC has been a proud contributor towards realising this ambition. Its consultants have been working with the Power Grid Company of Bangladesh (PGCB) to guide the implementation of multiple technical measures, including more than 320km of transmission lines (230 & 132kV), 5 newly constructed substations and 8 bay extensions.   

Our approach

The consultants from GOPA INTEC are there to support the local staff every step of the way: starting at contract management and the coordination between PGCB and relevant contractors. From there, our involvement continues with progress monitoring and testing on-site; the supervision of contractors’ environmental and social management; and the handing-over of the project. We do not stop there, however, as we also offer our support throughout the defects liability period to ensure that everything continues to run smoothly.

As it is with many of GOPA’s projects, our aim is to ensure that local actors learn from our consultants’ way of working and that they will be able to carry out tasks independently in future projects. For that reason, training elements have been incorporated into the programme and several elements have been geared towards supervision rather than personal implementation.    


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