Telemedicine at Viet Duc to Provincial Hospitals

In a nutshell

In urban areas, gaining access to the healthcare system can generally be realised within a short time span. Patients can often also easily be transferred between hospitals, medical practitioners can visit university hospitals for training and hospitals can exchange medical information and data without losing a lot of time. In rural areas, particularly in developing countries, this is not always as easy. A combination of fewer resources, less developed infrastructure and natural boundaries can lead to fatal delays.    

In Vietnam, EPOS is working with the Viet Duc University Hospital (VDUH) to develop a so-called ‘telemedicine’ network, though which expertise on clinical training, diagnostics and treatment can easily be shared with lower-level hospitals in the country.   

Our approach

The aim of this project is to support the excellent VDUH in delivering their expertise to (six) selected hospitals in the Thanh Hoa and Yen Bai provinces. What we will do, is assist with the development of the architecture that allows them to do so, by establishing a pilot telemedicine network between these hospitals. 

Through this telemedicine network, which involves a linkage of modern communication tools, the participating hospitals will be able to extend their services to the population in the areas of surgery, trauma and emergency care.

Success stories

This sophisticated combination of hard- and software will be combined with trainings for staff that synergise technical, medical and administrative components. Through integrated checks, this system ensures that high-quality care can be assured between hospitals and, most importantly, between hospitals and their patients.


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