Water Supply and Sanitation in small and medium towns in Burkina Faso

In a nutshell

In the everyday lives of people living in western countries, where their water comes from is not a question that is given a great amount of thought. Although it comes from and goes to places that we might not exactly be able to specify, water moves through our lives at the touch of a button or the turn of a handle. This is made possible by an extensive water infrastructure that supplies us with drinking water and carries waste away from our homes.

At GOPA Infra, we believe that everybody should be able to access such an infrastructure. In Burkina Faso, we are working together with the Office for Water and Sanitation to ensure that small and medium-sized towns in four of its regions receive sustainable and appropriate infrastructure for water supply and sanitation.

Our approach    

The current project in Burkina Faso covers the first phase of a longer water and sanitation programming strategy in the four regions. The work that we do throughout its implementation includes extensive drilling and construction components that will provide a solid foundation for the coming phases to build on. Drilling campaigns and the construction of strong water mains will provide sixteen towns with a connection to the water network. Concurrently, sanitation and hygiene have been made a top priority, with water treatment systems being optimised along its route.

Although supplying a transport network for water is a major part of our operations in Burkina Faso, another aspect is much more people-centred. Once a steady supply of water is consistently available, it is equally important to guide people in using it in a way that is sustainable for the future. Through awareness campaigns we aim to promote the value of drinking water and the appropriate use of sanitary facilities in towns and villages along the new infrastructure.

We are looking forward to bountiful collaboration in Burkina Faso for the years to come!