WATIFY - Preparing European SMEs for the future

In a nutshell

For the past two years, GOPA com. has been working hard to communicate the opportunities embedded in WATIFY to people in all corners of the European Union. What is WATIFY?

WATIFY is an awareness-raising campaign dedicated to the promotion of digital entrepreneurship and digital transformation of European small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs). Its aim is to bring SMEs together and make them aware of the advanced enabling technologies that are available to them, which will in turn stimulate the modernisation of European industries.   

Our approach

In this project, GOPA com. can do what it does best: develop innovative communication and media strategies.

This includes a re-imagining of the visual identity of the WATIFY campaign. Our designers have developed catching audio-visual material that can be used both online, as well as during dedicated events.

Talking about events; besides grand launch and closing conventions, we have successfully coordinated close to 230 awareness events and organised 40 matchmaking events. These events have raised awareness of local and Europe-wide financial and practical support available for digital transformation. As you can read below, WATIFY has successfully demonstrated the business potential of adopting new digital technologies.  

Success stories

So far, the WATIFY campaign has been a great success, not only in reaching a large amount of stakeholders, but also by generating real technological transformation opportunities for SMEs. It has to action regional policy makers to work together with other regions and their businesses to finance and implement joint projects. As of September 2018, 250,000 Europeans across 21 countries have become involved and we have reached 100,000 businesses on social media. This success was awarded with the Global Entreps Award for Industry, Innovation and infrastructure in June 2018.

If you would like to learn more about the WATIFY campaign and what it could do for you, please visit our website.


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